The Master of Divinity is the three-year professional degree for ordained ministry. It is designed with the intentional integration of biblical, theological, historical, and practices of ministry studies with supervised ministry experience. The program is designed to equip candidates for full-time vocational ministry as pastors, and provides the professional training for evangelists, chaplains, missionaries, church associates, and leaders in para-church organizations. The student will earn a minimum of 105 unit hours to complete the degree program.


Program Goals

The Master of Divinity degree program seeks to:

  • Prepare men and women for vocational ministry;
  • Provide candidates with a solid knowledge of Scripture and the tools to interpret biblical revelation responsibility as a foundation for a theological understanding and the practice of ministry;
  • Provide biblical and theological training with the practical ministry skills of leadership, preaching, worship, teaching, care-giving, and administration, which are essential for effective ministry;
  • Enable students to develop a theology of ministry that is relevant to the context of their calling;
  • Allow students the opportunity to experience ministry training through supervised experiences; and
  • Encourage students to grow spiritually and to develop their spiritual giftings.


Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of The Master of Divinity degree, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to interpret and properly apply the Bible using sound hermeneutical principles and exegetical methods;
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the historical tenets of the Church and of the Reform distinctives;
  • Demonstrate a foundational knowledge of the heritage, traditions, and practices of the Church and particularly of the Reform tradition;
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of the nature and mission of the Church, and be able to articulate a biblically-based philosophy of ministry;
  • Demonstrate the ability to integrate biblical and theological knowledge with the practices of ministry;
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate God’s truth clearly, accurately, and convincingly to a single individual or a community;
  • Demonstrate the knowledge and ability to do the basic tasks of ministry;
  • Demonstrate Christ-like character and credibility for ministry.


Degree Requirements

This is a 105 semester hour master’s degree program. The requirements for completing this program are:



Total 105 units are required to graduate.

Total 87 required units and total 18 units of open electives

Many electives are taken during the Summer and Winter Interims

BL513 Greek I is offered only in Summer (August)

* To take these courses, students need prerequisites such as Greek I, Hebrew I, Church History I, Intro. to Homiletics, and Research & Writing (or Info. Literacy & Technology). Many students have achieved first levels of proficiency in these areas through their BA studies.


List of Classes Requiring Pre-requisite Classes

Course sequencing of MDiv & MACE, MAICS

Ÿ   If the student did not study introductory Greek and Hebrew, they should be required to take Greek 1 and Hebrew 1 as electives before taking Greek 2 and Hebrew 2

Ÿ   Greek 1 and Hebrew 1 are pre-requisites for Greek 2 and Hebrew 2, respectively

Ÿ   Greek 2 and Hebrew 2 are pre-requisites for Hermeneutics

Ÿ   Hermeneutics is pre-requisite for Homiletics

Ÿ   Homiletics is pre-requisite for Preaching Practicum


Course sequencing of BA:

Ÿ   Greek 1 and Hebrew 1 are pre-requisites for Hermeneutics

Ÿ   Hermeneutics is pre-requisite for Sermon Preparation